3 countries to visit

You can’t really count the Pitcairn Islands as a country, but that is one place I would actually love to visit. A spread out group of four tiny Pacific islands – only one of which is inhabited, with a population of 50 people – with volcanic scenery, the Pitcairns are about halfway between New Zealand and Chile. There’s no airport and no seaport, but cruise ships occcasionally call in, and there is a semi-regular, incredibly expensive vessel service, each journey lasting about  30 hours, to and from one of the nearest Tahitian islands. It’s fair to say that the likelihood of me getting there is pretty slim. But we can all dream.


Moving on to a colossaly different place, I’d also like to buy a campavan and drive around Canada for at least several months. This wouldn’t be so far-fetched and it would be cheaper than buying a car and paying for accomodation, especially if I shared the costs. I could do this for my gap year after uni. I read a travel book by Billy Connolly where he travels around Canada, called Journey to the Edge of the World. A lot of it looks absolutely stunning, although you get the impression that most of the far-northern Inuit towns are miserable dumps with high suicide rates. 

And finally, I would love to go to Greenland. This place is very expensive, not helped by the fact that you have to fly everywhere because there are no roads between the towns. But I would really like to visit the south, which in the summer can actually get up to 20 degrees C and it feels warmer because of the dry air. But you can still walk or get a boat right up onto the ice sheet, or you can visit the charming towns, go hiking or skiing, visit historical sites of colonization etc.

I’d either visit the far south or, north of the Arctic Circle, Ilulissat Icefjord – a long fjord filled with icebergs produced by the world’s largest glacier outside Antractica. If you go there in the midnight sun when the sun is still up but very low low in the sky, the way the icebergs glimmer in the low light would not be easily forgotten. 

Skyline of Adamstown – Pitcairn’s capital city

Thanks to the Daily Post for the idea.

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