What’s in my name?

Today’s topic suggestion from the Daily Post is the story behind my name, which happens to be Jonathan. Well a quick Google search brought me to this web page, which tells me that my “amazing Hebrew name” means “the Lord has given” or “the Lord of giving”. Personally I was called Jonathan after the Jonathan in the Bible whose dad was David (in David and Goliath). There’s a lot of people called Jonathan in the Bible, and the link I’ve just given will educate on that subject any readers who are interested in biblical, theological stuff.

I keep feeling I should actually read the Bible, as it’s the best-selling book in the world and I am fairly interested in religion. However, getting through a 2000-page book which may not be gripping all the way through doesn’t entirely appeal to my relatively short attention span.  (By the way I’m not a Christian or subscriber to any particular religion myself, but I do think there’s some wider form of consciousness out there, given the spiritual and near-death experiences so many people seem to have had.)

Anyway, I could go on to speculate the Shakespearean questions of “What’s in a name?” and “Wherefore art thou Romeo?” (“wherefore” actually means “why”, not “where”). Are names really that important? Why should we care what label is attached to our birth certificate and heard by us every day of our lives? Should names be abbreviated or kept as they are? Are unusual names like Cyan, Grover, Apple and Pillow good conversation starters or just mean? (Personally I’d vouch for the latter, particularly on the last two.) Or I could just leave these questions unanswered and let any commenters decide.


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