The Feeling’s new album: not bad…


Together We Were Made is the third effort of English pop/soft rock band The Feeling. After two albums of irresistably energetic and catchy songs that you could sing along to all day, they have now given us a third one, which…isn’t bad, I suppose.

It starts off with lead single Set My World On Fire, which again is not at all bad. Combining a catchy guitar riff with African-style percussion and a tribal sing along in the chorus, it’s certainly original and memorable—but it’s not, indeed nothing on the record is, energetic enough to be a Feeling lead single. This is followed by “Dance for the Lights”, which is an electropop collaboration with Roisin Murphy, employing the band’s trademark harmonies and a guitar solo, that is altogether better.

Then we have the rather average “Another Soldier”, followed by the excellently catchy “Leave Me Out of It” featuring the bassist’s wife Sophie Ellis-Bextor, dominated by synths and vocal melodies until a typically Feeling-esque end of guitars and “Na na na”s. The fifth track “Build a Home” is completely average apart from the reasonably catchy key changes that permeate it.

The latter half of the album has songs that range from a really original combination of hip hop rhythms and the band’s guitars (“Mr Grin”), through catchy piano-led tunes (“Love and Care”, which also retains their usual lovely harmonies, and “A Hundred Sinners (Come and Get It)”) to the slightly boring “Back Where I Came From”. “Say No” is a good soft-to-loud-and-back-again piano-led ballad, in the image of “Rose” and “Spare Me” from their previous two records, but not quite as good. We end off with “Undeniable”, which is perhaps the only song on the album that could be described as really energetic, but there’s still not much in there apart from repetitions of the lyric “together we were made”.

Overall, I would not actively warn against buying this album or any of its songs. There is some good, memorable and quite original music in there. But it does seem as if there’s something missing. Maybe if they had added in a few melodic and energetically animated songs, like “I Thought It Was Over”, “Never Be Lonely”, “Fill My Little World” and “Without You” from their first two albums, the record would collectively sound better. Most of the songs are good, but it doesn’t quite sound like The Feeling.

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