Am I too lazy or too busy?

I’m a person who can be very hard-working and sometimes almost perfectionist when I’m doing work, but I’m not very conscientious and I can be a procrastinator. 

I usually work hard at school, but at home I find the hardest part of work/studying is the daunting process of actually starting work. Once I’ve started, I normally work hard but I usually need a lot of break time to be able to concentrate on the rest of my work. 

I often find I’ve produced some very good work but sometimes I haven’t covered everything, because I’ve spent too long on one particular part. I like to include a lot of detail and get out everything that’s in my head, but this means I can be quite slow and/or lose concentration later on. This is one of the reasons why I’m slow in exams (though fortunately I am entitled to extra time).

I should also emphasize that while I say I can be a hard-working perfectionist, I’m not always. It depends on the day, the time of day, how tired I am and in what state of mind I am. And if I’m not in the right state of mind when I do a certain piece of work, later when I am I want to do the work I haven’t yet done, not to perfect earlier work.

What I really need to do is organise myself so I know exactly when I’m going to do certain bits of work and studying. Right now, I’m not the least organised person I know, but I don’t have a revision timetable, I often leave too much work to the weekend when I should be relaxing and I generally do homework at irregular times within the deadline.

So to answer the question: am I too lazy, or too busy? Well, because I often (but not always) procrastinate I’d say I’m more on the lazy side, but that doesn’t mean I’m not hard-working. No-one has a perfect work-play balance, but I’d say I have a reasonable one that could do with some improvement.

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