What do I want to accomplish with my blog?

That’s a tough one.

I want to write about what I’m interested in and what I care about, and share it with the rest of the world. I want to get a sense of satisfaction. I enjoy writing and I like words, so I want to put that enjoyment to use and hopefully get feedback from other people. I want to improve my writing skills, and be able to write concisely and entertainingly. I want to broadcast my views to other people and influence their thoughts. I want to open discussion. I want to have more hobbies and do more things generally, blogging being part of that. I want to be a contributor as well as a consumer.

So what’s the essence of this blog? Is this the blog for you? Well it depends (though that’s a silly statement because of course it does; I can’t please everyone). Hopefully my writing isn’t too long-winded (but that’s for you to decide), so you won’t need a mind-stretching attention span, but you probably need to be able to, say, read a well-written newspaper column without getting bored. My attention span isn’t always sufficient to read a book cover to cover, so there you go.

You probably do have to be interested in politics and current affairs to some extent, and you have to be at least vaguely interested in a variety of other topics as well as not all my posts are about politics. You have to like reading general stuff. You have to be interested in life. (I’m sorry if all of this is sounding a bit too vague or overly deep.)

You get the idea of what this blog’s about if you just read through the posts. I hope they’re all engaging and mildly entertaining. If not, or if you don’t agree with all of the views expressed in them, please let me know.